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Carrington House Hotel is a ‘Romance-Futique’ Conservation haven, hidden in the mountains of Upstate New York. The chic is resort entirely self-sufficient - drawing its water from a sky water fed lake, growing all the crops and vegetables they need, with a bio forest to fuel the Hotel’s Heat & Hot Water. The estates “Greenbelt”, a protective ring of foresty surrounds the property, cuts it off from the outside world, guests make their way to the hotel via a forest path, and eventually, a Carrington House Hotel branded Tuk Tuk awaits to drive them up the ‘Great Walk’ leading to the Hotel, to the tune of Guiseppi Verdi’s La Traviata opening prelude.

The Hotel’s marriage of Louis XVI–style upholstered settees, Palladian architecture, and velvet paint in a riot of harmonious colour, shot through with contemporary acid greens, make it immediately apparent the Carrington House Hotel is not your standard Catskills hideaway. More reminiscent of England’s great historic houses, the interiors sing of Cecil Beaton’s Reddish House, golden moments of whimsy and colour with tongue and cheek classicism used to lively effect.

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